Sunday, December 14, 2014

Toy makers figure out girls build stuff

It's nice to see an economic victory once in a while (although philosophical victories are good too):

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Book reviewed in 3D Printer World

3D Printer World posted a wonderful review of my book:

Many thanks to Joe Micallef for the kind words!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Online 3D printing classes start Jan. 14

The next round of my Pasadena City College Extension 3D printing classes are now scheduled. They are all online, on Wednesday nights from 7-9 PM.   Beginning starts Jan. 14, Intermediate Feb 18, and Advanced April 15.  Register here:

Friday, November 7, 2014

More about 3D printed maps for blind students...

Nice piece just came out from our friends at 3D Printer World on the tactile maps for the blind project at Pasadena City College.


Monday, November 3, 2014

3D printed maps for blind students

Great post by Lore Schindler about the maps we worked on with Pasadena City College:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

New 3D printing adventures

After a great stint at Deezmaker 3D Printers, I have realized that it is time for a change. It is becoming clear that there is a great need for 3D printable content and for educational materials that help people learn about 3D printing. Many businesses and educational institutions also need advice about how they might use 3D printing and other technologies arising from the maker community to transform their processes. 
Those needs can be served from within a 3D printing company, but after a lot of thought I’ve decided that this need can more effectively served from an independent perspective. 
Right now I’ll be consulting in this space while exploring longer-term projects. I am excited that I will be collaborating on those longer-term projects with Rich Cameron (better known in 3D printing circles as Whosawhatsis). Rich will be splitting his time between Deezmaker and his own independent consulting tasks while we and some potential collaborators plan next steps.
I want to thank my colleagues at Deezmaker for the opportunity to help out a young company while learning a lot about this industry. I’m looking forward to keeping them as close collaborators going forward.
I’ll still be teaching, too (I never stopped, actually)  as a Core Adjunct faculty member at National University. I am also slated to teach online 3D printing classes through Pasadena City College Extension again in early 2015.
I’ll post our progress on this blog; anyone interested can contact me through my linked-in account, Twitter (@JoanHorvath) or Google+.

Book signing at So Cal Makercon

I'll be signing my "Mastering 3D Printing" book at the Deezmaker booth at So Cal Makercon ( on Saturday, November 8, starting at 2:30 PM. See you there!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Online 3D printing classes postponed to early 2015

Our online 3D printing classes at Pasadena City College Extension have been postponed to start early in 2015. New dates will be posted in a week or so...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New "Product Prototyping 101" class at Deezmaker 10/21

I'll be coordinating a new class at Deezmaker on Tuesday the 21st from 7-9 PM - "Product Prototyping 101." More info and registration here:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New ONLINE 3D printing classes from Pasadena City College Extension.

Pasadena City College Extension will be offering an online, advanced open-source 3D printing class starting October 2nd.  This will be a case-study focused class intended for people who are trying to use their open-source 3D printer for substantial projects. Participants will be sharing their design issues for their own projects and learning collaboratively.  The class assumes that participants know the basics of slicing and loading a file but want to learn more.The class is entirely online but has a live interactive session for four Thursdays from 7-9 PM starting October 2nd.

Then the entire beginning-intermediate-advanced sequence of classes will be repeated starting in November. 

Dates and details at:

I will be teaching all of the online classes. Meanwhile, if you want to learn on your own,  my book is now available at the Deezmaker online store here and we will have a book signing at our next monthly meeting at Deezmaker (290 N. Hill Ave, Pasadena)  on Sunday, Oct. 5 from noon-5 PM.  Come on by!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Signing at New York Makerfaire

I will be signing "Mastering 3D Printing" at New York Makerfaire from 2-2:30 PM at the Apress booth in the Maker Pavilion. Drop by and say hello!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nice Hackaday piece about making maps for blind students

This summer Deezmaker advised a project at Pasadena City College to come up with ways to use 3D printing to teach blind students math and science. Here's a link to the Hackaday piece.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

3D printing classes - some openings next week!

The Intermediate 3D Printing class starts online (through Pasadena City College Extension) on Thursday August 21st. It's entirely online, but with synchronous meetings 7-9 PM on Thursdays for four weeks. If you know what an STL file is and have some idea how to slice one to create G code, you will be fine in the intermediate class. Sign up here.

The Advanced class starts October 2nd. General information on all the Makertech classes at PCC can be found here.

And of course check out the in-store workshops at Deezmaker! Current list is here.

My new book- Mastering 3D Printing - Schedules of signings

I have a new book coming out - should start to go on sale next week. It's called Mastering 3D Printing, from Apress. I've intended it to be the book that I really would have wanted when I got into 3D printing last year - a comprehensive how-to guide that teaches the reader how to really use a printer, from zero on to real projects.

Buying the book

The book will be available all the usual places, but particularly  I'd like to encourage you of course to buy them at  Deezmaker through the online store (and at the Deezmaker Pasadena retail store, when they come in. )

Book signings

I'll post new ones on the blog as they come in, but for now here are the first ones:

Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 20-21,  World Makerfaire New York, at the Apress booth
Sunday, Oct. 5, noon - 5 PM, Deezmaker (290 N. Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA)  

More info about the contents

The publisher's page has the table of contents and all that good stuff.

And some thanks-

This book would have been impossible without the input of the many people in the 3D printing community in general and the good folks at Deezmaker in particular who helped teach me about the field. Rich Cameron (aka Whosawhatsis) was the technical reviewer for the book. I hope it gets a lot more folks into the field!