Saturday, December 17, 2016

AAAS/PD Scientific Maker event June 2017 Waimea, Big Island, Hawaii

Share your expertise, creativity, and devices at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Pacific Division’s Second Annual SCIENTIFIC MAKER EXHIBIT at the Pacific Division’s annual meeting, Waimea (on the Big Island of Hawaii) June 19-23, 2017
It is more feasible to create your own lab equipment than ever before with the advent of 3D printing, low-cost Arduino sensors and other “maker” technologies.

It is also possible to have citizen scientist collaborators who cannot only take data for you, but follow open-source plans to create their own equipment. Are you one of the pathfinders that has actually done this? If so, please consider bringing your creation to Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii for the AAAS Pacific Division’s second Scientific Maker Exhibit. Group exhibits are welcome. Objects that are the subject of work in progress or recent crowdfunding campaigns or equivalent open-source projects are encouraged.

This exhibit area is a “third type” of presentation – not a poster, not a talk, but a chance to show off 3D prints, equipment, etc. There is no provision for hanging a poster at the exhibit – just plan on flat table space and anything you want to put up on a table.

There is no charge for space in this exhibit, but all participants must register for the meeting. Note that display space is limited and acceptance of objects for display will be determined solely by the staff and/or representatives of AAAS, Pacific Division based on quality and scientific merit of the proposed display. Participants take sole responsibility for the safety of their displays, and waivers may be required as detailed in the PDF linked below.

The deadline for submission of an application is 23 April, 2017.

More info about the maker exhibit:…/Flyers/MakerExhibit-Newest.pdf

To apply, fill out the google form at

To apply for a separate poster or oral presentation, to register, or to read about student awards, see the conference's main page at

Hope to see you there!