Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Maker Calculus- 2017 Hackaday Prize Entry

Please drop in on (and follow and like!) our 2017 Hackaday Prize entry, Hacker Calculus.

The summary: Many hackers are self-taught and avoid powerful math tools that might let them take creations to the next level. We aim to create a structured set of modules consisting of hands-on 3D printing and electronics projects, with thorough text documentation and minimal supporting algebra. These modules will teach calculus in this hacker style both for self-learners and others, like the visually impaired, who need hands-on learning. When Isaac Newton developed calculus in the 1600s, he was trying to tie together math and physics in an intuitive, geometrical way. But over time math and physics teaching became heavily weighted toward algebra, and less toward geometrical problem-solving. However, many practicing mathematicians and physicists will get their intuition geometrically first and do the algebra later. We want to let people get to that point directly without passing through (much) algebra, particularly people who learn best by making something.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Online 3D printing and maker electronics classes in April

We will be teaching two online classes in April (starting April 3, going for 4 weeks.) The first is Intro to #3dprinting, and the second is Prototyping with Maker Electronics.

Registration at the links above- hope to see folks there!