Saturday, January 2, 2021

LinkedIn Learning Additive Manufacturing Series


A 3d printed 6-sided die shows the number "3". The die is shiny and red.

Check out our series from LinkedIn Learning, Additive Manufacturing: Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

Learn more about topics from consumer-level tips for your printer up through state-of-the art-tech, with frequent additions of new episodes!

Classes for gifted kids at IEA Online!


3D printed castles on a print bedDeadline Jan 4! We're teaching gifted kids online again spring term (starts last week of January 2021) through
Institute for Educational Advancement.
Check out our courses, both offered Monday afternoons:
Medieval Battle Tech (ages 9-12) Students learn about 14th-century technology, politics and strategy. Then they design (using CAD and a 3D printer) historically-plausible secret weapons. We role-play relitigating the battle of Agincourt and others with the "secret weapons."
Hacker Geometry (ages 10-14) Hands on geometry with a bit of astrononomy and physics mixed in, and some 3D printing. 
For both courses, IEA will create prints if students don't have their own printer.