Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New ONLINE 3D printing classes from Pasadena City College Extension.

Pasadena City College Extension will be offering an online, advanced open-source 3D printing class starting October 2nd.  This will be a case-study focused class intended for people who are trying to use their open-source 3D printer for substantial projects. Participants will be sharing their design issues for their own projects and learning collaboratively.  The class assumes that participants know the basics of slicing and loading a file but want to learn more.The class is entirely online but has a live interactive session for four Thursdays from 7-9 PM starting October 2nd.

Then the entire beginning-intermediate-advanced sequence of classes will be repeated starting in November. 

Dates and details at:


I will be teaching all of the online classes. Meanwhile, if you want to learn on your own,  my book is now available at the Deezmaker online store here and we will have a book signing at our next monthly meeting at Deezmaker (290 N. Hill Ave, Pasadena)  on Sunday, Oct. 5 from noon-5 PM.  Come on by!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Signing at New York Makerfaire

I will be signing "Mastering 3D Printing" at New York Makerfaire from 2-2:30 PM at the Apress booth in the Maker Pavilion. Drop by and say hello!