Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New classes in 3D printing

Hello everyone- I'm now back online - my new mission is to teach everyone 3D printing. National University is one of the largest preparers of teachers in California. Their National University Community Research Institute (NUCRI) is going to be starting to offer professional development courses in 3D printing. Deezmaker will be providing printing and some other support services for some of the planned courses. They will be offering two online options to introduce 3-D Printing: a quick 10 day mini-course, and a 4-week-long in-depth course. All courses are held entirely online. The 10-day course (PDX1960X) is intended for those who just want to understand the end to end process of using a Rep-Rap style printer. This course does not include any remote printing of individual projects. If you have purchased, or soon will purchase a 3-D printer and want to know how to use it effectively, this course is for you. The 10-day course does not grant CEU credit. On the other hand, the 4-week-long course (PDX1860X) is the first course in the planned certificate 3-D Printing for Educators and is a prerequisite for the subsequent courses in the certificate. This first course will go into depth on the history of 3-D printing, and its application in various fields, and includes remote printing of students’ projects. If you will be developing 3-D printing curriculum for your institution, or are evaluating whether your institution can support this technology, the more in-depth course would better serve your needs. This course is offered for up to 5.0 CEU credits. Class projects will be printed at Deezmaker remotely (or in person for people who are local.) PDX 3-D Printing Online Classes Registration for the first two classes is now open at http://nucri.nu.edu/pdxonline/ Oct. 14 – PDX 1860X Intro to 3-D Printing – 4 weeks online ($395, plus $100 materials fee) Nov. 11 – PDX 1960X Basics of Using a 3-D Printer- 10 days online ($95, Intended for 3-D Printer owners) Jan. 6 – PDX 1861X Making Science History – 4 weeks online ($395, part of certificate program) Feb. 3 – PDX 1960X Basics of Using a 3-D Printer – 10 days online ($95, Intended for 3-D Printer owners)