Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer online classes

If you wanted to learn 3D printing this summer but there are no classes near you, no worries!  We are teaching two classes through LERN network. The classes are all online and four weeks long.

The first class, Intro to 3D Printing, does not require that you have a printer (but if you do, we can help you get squared away with it.)  The next one starts June 5, and you can still sign up at this link:

If anyone is interested, we'll be happy to throw in some pointers about the models in our new book, "3D Printed Science Projects." (One of the models from the chapter about botany is shown here.) 

The other class, Intro to Maker Tech, is more focused on learning to use Arduinos and similar electronics, with one week also dedicated to 3D printing and other topics. That one starts July 5, and you can sign up at this link:

We hope to meet some new friends! If you can't make either of those, 3D printing will run again in September and Maker Tech in October.