Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hackaday Prize

We are getting serious now about our entry into the #2016HackadayPrize - we are going in under their Assistive Technology category, which opens for entries Monday. We have started building out now so that we can get as many comments and collaborators as possible. The basic idea is that we think there are two communities that need to meet each other:

1. Teachers of the visually impaired often have access to a 3D printer, but rarely have time to design their own models.

2. Mainstream schools who have just gotten 3D printers often are wondering what do to with them.

So we are developing a set of guidelines, instructions for readable Braille, and open-source models that follow the guidelines. Next up we are figuring out how have some sort of minimalist open source sharing exchange so that groups 1 and 2 can find each other. The development period (during which community participation and comments are encouraged!) runs through October 3. Please check us out, comment, and give us a Hackaday Skull if you are a site member!