Friday, October 7, 2016

2017 3D printing and maker tech classes

Joan and Rich at Apress boothWe now have our schedule for 2017 classes set. The classes are all online, 4 weeks long.

They are offered through LERN Network, which provides outsourced classes to many community colleges and other organizations (through their "UGotClass" portal.)

In 2017 we are scheduled to teach three classes, each offered four times during the year.


The classes: 

Intro to 3D Printing- Feb, Apr, Jun, Sept

NEW! 3D Printed Science and Math: Visualizations and Experiments (about how to create good 3D printable science and math models to help visualize or to use to do experiments) - Mar, May, July, Oct

UPDATED class- tentative title - signups available mid-November: Prototyping with Maker Electronics (In 2016 was Intro to Maker Tech: The New Shop Class) - April, June, Aug, Nov

If your local college doesn't have our classes in their portal, we have them linked here and on our site at

Or if online isn't your thing and you are nearby, we are always happy to arrange custom training in Southern California locations!