Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Take an online makertech class in 2017!

Well, the holidays are past now - so time to think about really learning one of these exciting new technologies.

The classes are run through LERN Network, and are four weeks, all online. Community colleges sometimes outsource their online extension courses to LERN, so our classes may be available through your local community college. If not, we have direct links to LERN below.


Intro to 3D Printing- Feb, Apr, Jun, Sept

NEW FOR 2017! 3D Printed Science and Math: Visualizations and Experiments (about how to create good 3D printable science and math models to help visualize or to use to do experiments) - Mar, May, July, Oct

UPDATED IN 2017! Prototyping with Maker Electronics  April, June, Aug, Nov

If your local college doesn't have our classes in their portal, we have them linked here and on our site at http://www.nonscriptum.com/classes.

Or if online isn't your thing and you are nearby, we are always happy to arrange custom training in Southern California locations. Contact us to explore options.