Saturday, February 11, 2017

Some live classes soon for teachers and serious makers (and ongoing online ones too)

February and March will be exciting months for us in teaching live, as well as our online classes.
First, we will be leading a workshop hosted by National University Alumni Association. It will be at National's facility near Los Angeles airport (LAX). The event is free and will be a survey of makertech for an hour followed by smaller-group demonstrations. Saturday, February 25 - registration is required and available here:

If on the other hand, are you someone who has worked for a while making things with traditional technologies who is wondering whether 3D printing is for you or just for toys? We will be teaching a class at the fabulous SupplyFrame DesignLab in Pasadena the evening of Tuesday March 14. More details and tickets here:

If on the other hand you're not nearby, in March we will have the inaugural run of our new online LERN Network class, "3D Printed Science and Math: Visualizations and Experiments." Registration at